Sunday, September 25, 2016

Get Your Captain's License

USCG Approved Captain's License Program

The Captain School USVI has a proven method of instruction and has graduated over 8,000 students to date from our program allowing mariners to apply for a Captain's License or what is now called USCG Merchant Mariner's Credential.  After completing our approved courses, mariners are given the Coast Guard Exams at our facilities so no further testing by the Coast Guard is required.

The mission of The Captain School USVI is to provide a quality educational experience in the classroom through demonstrations of practical competencies at entry and operational levels. Course offerings include: OUPV, Upgrade to Master, Sailing, Towing, STCW Basic Safety Training, Crowd Control, Crisis Management and Security Officer-Vessel, Company, and Port Facility, American Heart First Aid / CPR, and EFR First Aid / CPR.

We keep a low student to teacher ratio offering a better opportunity for one on one interaction with the students. The curriculum is supported by a cadre of qualified instructors approved by the US Coast Guard who bring a wealth of practical experience to the educational environment.

The Captain School was established in St.Thomas USVI in 1994, and taught its first US Coast Guard approved course in the United States in 2000 after a two year review by the Coast Guard.

Many of the students at the Captain School USVI are employed or will be employed in the thriving charter boat industry as well as the many ferrys and fishing boats that ply our waters.  

Call or email for a personal interview regarding your training and career goals in the Marine industry.

We will give you the best course to follow to realize your dreams on the oceans of the world.

The Captain's Consortium Drug and Alcohol Testing Program

The Captain School USVI also operates the only fully Coast Guard compliant drug and alcohol testing consortium in the Virgin Islands.  The Captain's Consortium will assist Marine Employers and mariners with all of their drug and alcohol testing needs.  We can provide all aspects of the DOT and CG requirements such as pre-employment testing, random testing, incident testing for both alcohol and drugs, reporting, record keeping and consulting.  We are members of the Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association (DATIA) and have completed courses including Advanced Drug and Alcohol Testing Management and Certified Collector Training.

All of our testing is conducted in a professional manner by DOT certified collectors in a clean and safe facility to ensure that donors have the utmost confidence in the testing procedure.  All samples are sent to Quest Diagnostic Labs which is a national certified SAMSHA laboratory and results are read by an independent licensed Medical Review Officer (MRO).

For more information or to become a member, please contact our office at (340)775-2278


Upcoming Classes




August 2016

4 Crowd Management $250

5 Crisis Management $250

18-20 STCW Basic Safety Training $495

21-23 Vessel Security Officer $800

September 2016

5-9 Management & Leadership $1200

October 2016

5-7 STCW Basic Safety Training $495

17-21 Management & Leadership $1200

November 2016

3 Crowd Management $250

4 Crisis Management $250

8-10 STCW Basic Safety Training $495

14-18 Management & Leadership $1200

December 2016

2-4 Vessel Security Officer $800

12-16 Management & Leadership $1200


ST. Thomas

July 2016

9-16 OUPV Captains License Day Course  $800

August 2016

1-13 OUPV Captains License (Nights/Weekend) $800

15-19 Upgrade to Master (Nights) $300

22 Aux Sail (1 Night) $125

23 Assistance Towing Endorsement (1 Night) $125

September 2016

5-17 OUPV Captains License (Nights/Weekend) $800

19-23 Upgrade to Master (Nights) $300

26 Aux Sail (1 Night) $125

27 Assistance Towing Endorsement (1 Night) $125

October 2016

3-15 OUPV Captains License (Nights/Weekend) $800

November 2016

Oct 31-12 OUPV Captains License (Nights/Weekend) $800

14-18 Upgrade to Master $300

19 Aux Sail (8-12) $125

19 Assistance Towing Endorsement (1-5) $125

ST Croix Classes


July 6-16 OUPV Captains License (Nights/Weekend) $800

July 14-16 Upgrade to Master

July 14-16 Aux Sail / Assistance Towing

Dates Subject to Change

English Danish Dutch French German Italian Japanese Norwegian Portuguese Russian Spanish

Training Flow Chart

Certifications Required for Crew-

Working on 6 passenger boats in the USVI

-CPR & First Aid

-Random Drug Testing Program

-add TWIC (from TSA) if entering secure port areas in US & BVI

Working on 6 Passenger Boats in the BVI

-add: STCW Basic Safety Training

-add: BVI Boat Master License

Working On Vessels with more than 12 passengers in BVI

-add: STCW Crowd Managment

-add TWIC (from TSA)

Additional: Helpful but not required by Law

-STCW Crisis Management

This information is not intended to answer all questions regrading licensing- use it as a guide only- information subject to change. Call for a personal consultation 340-775-2278

Certifications Required for Captains-

Operating 6 passenger boats in the USVI

-USCG OUPV Near Coastal License

-CPR & First Aid

-Random Drug Testing Program

-FCC Marine Radio Operator Permit

-TWIC Card (

Operating 6 Passenger Boats in the BVI

-Add: Master Upgrade to 50 or 100 Gross Ton Master Near Coastal

-add: STCW Basic Safety Training

-add: BVI Boatmaster License (from BVI Shipping)

Operating Vessels with more than 12 passengers in BVI

-add: STCW Crowd Managment

-add: STCW Crisis Management

-add: Vessel Security Officer

This information is not intended to answer all questions regrading licensing- use it as a guide only- information subject to change. Call for a personal consultation 340-775-2278